The first working version of Yule

I recently made some progress on Yule – my Spring Boot-based blog engine project – and now I have its first working version. The current features, installation, configuration and how to run the engine are all described in the README file in the repository of the project, so I won’t be covering them here.

My next steps in developing the engine will include:

  • improving the front end
  • refactoring the code by restructuring the configuration and moving repetitive code from controllers into common dependencies (including moving some data-manipulation code to some new service-layer classes).
  • adding more features, like configurable menus and tag system

This is just a short informational post. It’s been quite a long time since I posted anything here and I wanted to post some information about my progress. Plus, I’d prefer describing my code, its organization and problems I solved by writing it a certain way once it is at least refactored.

Also, I’m considering switching to writing more short posts like this and doing it more frequently, instead of posting infrequent, but long articles. I think such shorter, but more single-topic-focused posts might be more interesting to read, plus they might be better for my motivation to write this blog.


Implementing service layer for Yule

Since my introductory post on Yule, I’ve been doing some work on the project. I’ve implemented an automatic article publication feature as a part of service layer and I added some methods used by it to the repository layer of my project.

This post covers these changes and some problems I encountered during testing.
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