So far, I have described a number of my projects on this blog. Because most of the posts I have made were rather lengthy, I thought it would be good to provide an additional short description and a list of relevant links for each of my creations.

All projects presented here (and some not presented) are publicly available in my github repositories.


A library providing clients for services recognizing web addresses of spam sources (SURBL, Google Safe Browsing API, etc.) and classes of objects representing custom host lists.

Spam-lists on GitHub
Articles about the project


An application for providing shorter aliases for given URLs. It uses my spam-lists library to prevent shortening of URLs recognized as spam or to warn users that an already existing shortened URL has been recognized as spam. The application also handles homoglyphs – characters and sequences of characters similar to each other – by internally treating them as identical so that its users can be spared inconvenience resulting from mistyping or misremembering shortened URLs with potentially confusing characters.

Project demo
Url-shortener on GitHub
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A blog engine application designed with support for user registration, commenting and user roles. Largely inspired by WordPress.

Blog-engine on GitHub
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A single-user blog engine with support for external configuration and schedulable auto-publication of blog articles (both posts and pages).

Yule on GitHub
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