My name is Piotr Rusin. I majored in civil engineering at Poznan University of Technology, but I’m more interested in programming, both as a hobby and as a career choice. I’m not yet a professional programmer, but I’m working on becoming one.

On this blog, I’m going to describe my projects, ideas and progress I’m making in learning programming and computer science.

I chose the name “Reusing the wheel” as a reference to two approaches to software development: doing something from scratch (“reinventing the wheel”) and reusing existing code. The first is generally discouraged – especially for developing commercial software, although it can be fun and useful as a learning experience when developing personal projects. The second is a common good practice, saving time and effort and allowing a programmer to focus on solving project-specific problems.

I hope the blog will be interesting to read. Any comments and suggestions are welcome – I’m always open to learn something new or improve my knowledge. You can post your comment on the blog or send me an email to piotr.rusin88@gmail.com.